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Introduced in Patch 9. It would be nice if Plstoon world of tanks 112 matchmaking make so you had to complete "training" before you could play. These people should be ashamed, but actually they are not. This means one team can have 2 three-man-platoons with T8 tanks, whereas the other team has 3 two-man-platoons with T6 tanks. An English version can always be found here. Mtachmaking example, a tier 4 scout can enter plqtoon up to tier 7, whereas a tier matchmzking medium tank on its own can only join battles up to tier 6. Example I've actually seen: MM will always match the chi nu kai premium matchmaking with the highest MM according to the MM table with priority. The match maker does not try to match vehicles by vehicle tier. Yamiji 3 Posted 15 July - There is a lot more to matchmaking that what tier a particular tank is in. Those people are t15 matchmaking jerks. Approve Set Invisible Unapprove Post Hide Unhide Delete Merge Split Move. The matchmaker does balance the number of tanks in platoons, but not the weight of the platooned tanks. Lockhart77 4 Posted 13 January - I played 10 matches in a row as top tier, not sure why you mathmaking all struggling. For example, a platoon with an SPG, scout or low tier does not count towards the results. This is an archived post. They dont know how to play alone.

matchmaking platoon wot

G13M, on Apr 23 t15 matchmaking You never stated what tier tank or what type you were playing? If you play a tier 8 heavy and your friend plays a tier 8 medium, you will be higher tier games. Try playing the same tier and type Heavy, Med, etc. And they keep breaking the already broken. If MM were tree patoon, soon there will be twigs so small you won't be able to build a fire with them.

Ive tracked the last 64 battles Ive had and the MM hates me. Bottom tier of 2 tier matches isnt a huge issue, but its not fun when you are bottom of 3 tier match 4 games in a row, only to find yourself bottom tier in a two tier match, which world of tanks 112 matchmaking then followed by 3 more bottom tier in a 3 tier match. The majority of battles were tier Five tier 9 battles were mixed. Mafchmaking tier 8 Prem tank battles Part of the problem may have been my primary game time with a low server population k but I played match,aking variety of tiers to mix it up and almost always on the bottom tier.

Shortcult, on Apr 23 - Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Approve Set Invisible Unapprove Post Hide Matchmaking platoon wot Delete Merge Split Move. If you unfollow this topic you matcnmaking no longer receive any notifications. New Matchmaker With Tier 8 Platoon Started by G13MApr 23 - Please log in to reply. G13M 1 Posted Apr 23 - I don't know if it's an unintentional effect of the new matchmaking templates, but me and my friend platooned for some hours today grinding his Panther 2.

Literally every match, except for one, all the games were mostly tier 10 and some 9's. And for that one tier 8 game, everyone was tier 8. And not one tier 9 game had any 7's. I know platooning is supposed to increase your chances of being bottom tier woh this seems out of control. We easily played games. Anyone else noticing anything like this? Wor was playing nothing but 8s the other day and had 19 rounds in a row a low tier.

Platooning doesn't seem to make it better or worse. Edited by xxBigbacon, Apr 23 - I noticed this too. Lots of tier IX and X games in tier VII and VIII tanks. Matchmaker t15 matchmaking beyond broken. MountainLion1 6 Posted Platooh 23 - I had noticed that it felt like I was seeing more bottom tier matches in my Tier VIII tanks since the update, so I did a little study to see if my assumptions were correct.

In 10 battles I had 7 matchmaking platoon wot, 2 mid, and world of tanks 112 matchmaking top tier battle, so I started playing my Tier IX and X tanks after the 10 battles were completed. I really enjoy the Tier VIII tanks a lot more due to the cheaper costs of running them and I really matchmakinng playing my premium tanks. For now I will play more of the top 2 tiers t15 matchmaking maybe as this update settles in the Tier Macthmaking tanks will rotate through the MM better.

See y'all on the battlefield. Edited by MountainLion1, Apr 23 - Scanjoon 9 Mtachmaking Apr 23 - Block Quote Matchmaker is beyond broken. G13M plaroon Posted Apr 23 matchmaking platoon wot G13M 12 Posted Apr 23 - Shortcult 13 Posted Apr 23 - I played 10 matches in a row as top tier, not sure why you are all struggling. Platoonn, you are playing your tier 10's right? Back to Gameplay Discussion.

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chi nu kai premium matchmaking

chi nu kai premium matchmaking

matchmaking platoon wot

When things fail, a good leader would look back at all his actions and try to figure out what went wrong to solve the problem and a lousy leader. New Matchmaker With Tier 8 Platoon - posted in Gameplay Discussion: I dont know if its an unintentional effect of the new matchmaking   Unfinished Business: Platoons - Feedback / Suggestions. I was told this by someone recently, that platoons get top tier less frequently than solo players. Any opinions on this?. If these platoon together, the scout will pull the other tank up into its The matchmaker does balance the number of tanks in platoons,  ‎ Battle Tiers · ‎ Vehicle Weight · ‎ Vehicle Tier · ‎ Platoons.

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