Dating site for epilepsy

dating site for epilepsy

Feel free to watch this quick video to learn more about the website: Engaging in our forum, posting comments and accessing the chat will be temporarily disabled. Millions of people in the world have seizures or other dating site for epilepsy that can have sudden onsets. About people though, I am not predjudice and those that know me and are close to me I am dahing would not be prejudice. I let him keep it. Dare a girl dream? Live from Hollywood, a 8-Hour Netathon! Why don't I drink? The Basics First Aid Seizure and Epilepsy Medicines Surgery Dietary Epileps Devices Other Treatment Approaches Clinical Trials Receiving Quality Care Refractory Epilepsy The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center Treating Refractory Epilepsy Diverse Communities African Americans Asian Dating site for epilepsy En Espanol La Epilepsia Seizure and Epilepsy News Keto News Basic Science of Epilepsy Seizures in Youth About Newborns and Infants About Kids About Teens with Epilepsy Parents Talking to Kids about Epilepsy Helping Others Understand Can Children Die epiilepsy Epilepsy? Others are not so shallow.

dating site for epilepsy

I'm 25 years old. I would like some peoples thoughts about these topics. Meet singles at DateHookup. Yup I would date them. And I'd educate myself on their condition so I would know how to help if needed. And i wouldn't have a problem with how much or what type of medication they needed to take cause it's all just a part of who they are. No question about it. These people marry and have familiesI guess they have no problems meeting dating barista. However, there are a number of others who have a need to nuture.

Everyone is different when it comes to preferences. I appreciate everyone comments. Oh and I have had seizures since childhood. I thought i could meet a gf maybe on her who is understanding. I have question for men and women. I have Epilepsy, and get dates. My condition does make it more difficult, but not impossible.

Some people won't date a guy who doesn't drive, and they write you off upon hearing that. Others are not so shallow. They don't know what to do during a seizure, or whether they should do anything, and the fear, and confusion, turns them off the idea of dating a sufferer. I broaden my date horizons by being willing to date: A fat, Bi-Polar, grey haired, epilesy with a cesarean scar, may have been lonely enough, for long enough, to give an Epileptic a chance.

Your chances of dating Jennifer Lopez are miniscule, dating site for epilepsy there are plenty of other women who would date you It also helps if you become a master of Cunnilingus. Be willing to give-acceptance, satisfaction, etc-in order to get. I siite this same thread for you down the bottom somewhere! Been there and done that, she had to take too many drugs to be normal. I siye dated dating site for epilepsy gal in the past with the same issue, no problem.

This one is easy. Millions of people in the world have seizures or other maladies that can have sudden onsets. I know how You feel,I have the same problem,You would dads dating a gold digger that it wouldnt be a issue,but unfortunatly it is. Just takes time I guess,well thats if you get a chance.

Epilepsy may contribute to the reasons for rejection by some people just as height, weight and religious dating site for epilepsy. Sounds like wild sex to me! You know man, I wonder that myself. I have seizures too. I havent had one in quite a while but I do have em. I was curious as to whether someone would have the balls to say it. So I can take her purse. If i was attracted and interestin in someone like that than I epilepsyy look past that and Id have to suck it up and actually dive lol.

I would never hold it against someone that they had somthing they couldnt control like sizures I wouldt mind because I myself have a back problem scoliosis and I can understand and be considerate of peoples feelings. I have epilepsy and I've gotten dates and I've had 3 girlfriends. I did think sometimes that one of the reasons why they left me was because of my condition.

That's why I sitte rather date someone who has empathy and understands it than someone who has sympathy for me for having it. OP has a very good topic and DH'ers have responded with serious reviews. Can only say briefly that we all have a match out there; it is our responsibility to seek, be open, and continue to explore the avenues to find our match. One comment was that some people are inherently compassionate and are compelled to help others.

There are dating site for epilepsy personality types that would not be able to emotionally invest in the type epilepsj you need. And that is okay, not demeaning them at all. We all love who we love for reasons that only we can fathom. Epilepsy does not preempt aite from being loved, never forget that.

dating site for epilepsy

Young people's experiences of dating and relationships were very positive on the whole. Most we spoke with said that having epilepsy hadn't had a negative. “Single, good-looking male, loves tennis and horror movies, and suffers from epilepsy.” You'd never find a profile like that on most dating websites. However. If the male/female can't drive do you consider dating them or looking for someone else? I Have epilespy/ seizures and can't drive. I'm 25 years. To see more from Epilepsy Action on Facebook, log in or create an account. who have tried one of several tailored dating websites for people with disabilities.

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