Reddit raid matchmaking

reddit raid matchmaking

Who finally got a PS4? Preserving the small unfishined stories of vanilla Destiny. They didnn't even fix the issue where recently met players would go into the "recently met players" list. I stated those two reddit raid matchmaking early only because given redit we have at our disposal now, if you want to Raid more often these are our only choices so I just make the best of a bad system. I reddit raid matchmaking get like raid chests on the way in, and I'm still happy, even if I don't reach mtachmaking end. This is a poor argument against what he is saying. A lot of thinking and planning would need to go into it, and Bungie reddit raid matchmaking it would be best to leave it out. Use of this site rfddit acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I have an exotic arm and chest piece, but only one piece of raid gear. If Bungie really wanted people to communicate then they could just make it so that unless you have a mic plugged in, you can't start looking matfhmaking a fireteam. Raids are complex, require communication, and they require skill. There's an interesting talk by Luke Smith, who designed VoG, about the experience reddit raid matchmaking raiding and what he thinks you should get out of it. For more info on the rules of giveaways see this page. We are owed the same support on issues that PS4 and XBO are if they had the same issue. I feel bad for the poor matchmaknig who put anchovies on their pizzas and subsequently complain of the "hard" taste, but I'm matchmzking they at least got to try reddit raid matchmaking pizza.

reddit raid matchmaking

For Spoiler Warning in Titles Begin your title with the tag "[Spoiler]". For Spoilers in Comments Format your comment reddit raid matchmaking this: Who finally got a PS4? Suggestion How Raid matchmaking should be implemented. We all know that Bungie says that the reason that they don't have MM for Raids is because they require coordination and communication. So taking that into account, why not just reddit raid matchmaking MM into Raids but with filters just like LFG plus a few other things.

For reddit raid matchmaking, you can set your filters reddit raid matchmaking whatever you usually would in LFG, but since it is MM there should be a couple of extra features: Looking for people who have completed the Raid "X" amount of times. Reddit raid matchmaking like "Guardians who have fully completed raid: That way, you can either look for a sherpa or get matched up with people who are already experienced reddit raid matchmaking know what to do.

And lastly, having a Ping limit That's your connection. That pesky green bar that reddit raid matchmaking masking the connection of a guy in Russia. Something like "Set Ping limit: If Bungie really wanted people to communicate then they could just make it so that unless you have a mic plugged in, you can't start looking for a fireteam. That would just be plain stupid but if it's the way they want it, then so be it.

Also, Destiny 2 should have a thing where it tells you if your mic is too loud. I've run into people who have mics that sound like a warzone when they speak into it countless times. Something that says "We're detecting large amounts of background noise from your mic. Change microphone volume by going to Directions on how to change mic volume ". Anyway, it was just a thought I had while hapa dating a post.

Thought it was something that you guys would be interested in seeing. Strikes are bad for afk but poe is worse because it's harder than a strike and has better guaranteed rewards. That's what raids are so if mm is added to raids just imagine that constantly because you lose the ability to kick in mm, for good reason. Raids might suck to organize now but I couldn't deal with mm raids, afk is just too frustrating. Bungie likes positivity to be the default, for instance why crucible chat is opt in rather than opt out.

MM raids would be real bad for a lot of people. It would then put them off actually LFGing a raid after experiencing the shitshow that would inevitably be. Which I'm pretty sure is a lot of Bungie's reason. That, and taking the time to find and get to know people is something they reddit raid matchmaking to encourage. There's an interesting talk by Luke Smith, who designed VoG, about the experience of raiding and what he thinks you should get out of it.

Starts like 10 minutes in but I reddit raid matchmaking recall the timestamp for the team aspect, they mention how it should feel personal. MM would not achieve dating daan doha qatar IMO. I mean, people who have done it reddit raid matchmaking times probably don't mind LFGing it by that point. People with 0 completions aren't going to get anyone reddit raid matchmaking done it plenty unless it purposefully matches them.

Even if they do, you stuck someone with completions in with a bunch of people who have no clue, probably no mic, and will probably AFK with no recourse. Mic volume limits really need to be a thing though, with that I agree. I don't get how they can have the closed system on consoles but you meet people who yeah, it sounds like they're in a damn warzone or something. Matchmaking would kill raiding for me, reddit raid matchmaking of the biggest appeals is that you are joining a group who've gone through the effort of assembling a reddit raid matchmaking and there is a hidden pressure on the members to contribute.

Matchmaking would mean that any random knob could join, be a dick and not be kickable. Please give up on the matchmaking idea. Getting into a raid group is not hard, you just need a mic and to do a little research. Seeing the points you guys made this would be a terrible idea. I don't NEED this as I already use LFG and succeed most of the time at getting a group.

Like I said in the post, it was just a thought ;P. MM should not be implemented for Raids. Mayeb incorporate in-game LFG, but not MM!! It's the worst thing that could happen with this game. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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reddit raid matchmaking

I'm an older gamer who has a demanding day-job, a wife, and a new baby. The only time I have to play Destiny is at night after everyone else. Media Raiding Rainbow! (datingfunnymeme.xyzyTheGame) . MiscSlept in due to late night raiding, wife met someone working on Destiny 2 (datingfunnymeme.xyzyTheGame). PS4[PS4] LF3M VoG NM - Haven't done the raid since yr 1 but still remember mechanics and trying to get back into it (datingfunnymeme.xyzams). submitted 6 hours ago by. I did a raid and I instantly understood why the lack of raid matchmaking was a smart decision. Seeing as a lot of people here don't have an.

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