Elsword arena matchmaking

elsword arena matchmaking

Free elsword arena matchmaking, online poll vote who will end up with. King Sinclair The Elsword arena matchmaking Dragon View Profile View Posts. Which doesnt make sense at orkut dating, i often get matched against people that have levels above me. System Requirements, Minimum requirements Recommended requirements, Can PC run system specs New posts No important site new Forum is locked Link Popular You posted in this topic Announcement Sticky Locked Moved Elsword? Or showing off your skills the PvP arena, most intense free this gaming platform provided carries installation elsword. Its just broken, elsword arena matchmaking doesnt matter if im the same rank as them when they have such a huge stats advantage. After all, THERE IS A SPARRING LOBBY if you want to fight higher ranked people. Download of me hate-one View. This explains their ability to skill and awaken mid-combo. Please reference the [General Discussion Rules] https: System Requirements, Minimum requirements Recommended requirements play now! Even if one loses against them, a substantial amount of Arena Points and experience will be given, regardless if no kills were made. King Sinclair The Fluffy Dragon View Profile View Posts.

elsword arena matchmaking

We're testing a new feature that gives the option to view discussion comments in chronological order. Some testers have pointed out situations in which they feel a linear view could be helpful, so we'd like see elsword arena matchmaking you guys make use of it. Facechecking the brush is dangerous, elsword arena matchmaking so is facechecking the web.

Other websites may not be as elsword arena matchmaking as ours, so please use your best judgement when clicking on unknown links. You are going to: Click here to check out some tips for keeping your account safe! Never show this again: Riot Games, League of Legends and PvP. Boards Home General Discussion Boards General Discussion So I played Elsword and So I played Elsword and I gotta say I always felt League's matchmaking was a bit on the poor side, but I played Elsword and I don't think I've ever played such dating spelletjes terrible matchmaking system in my life, I actually think it's non-existent.

I have a level 12 and I am for the most part bad areha pvp but probably better than your average new player. I play the first match and it's elsword arena matchmaking level 10, possibly a bot too because they were just really bad and swinging at random. Win it easy and then I fight a level 20 the very next battle. I of course have stat disadvantages and just barely lose. I was elsword arena matchmaking "well I guess I'm getting paired with a level next".

Nope, it was a level 30 and they were actually ranked at that. So I lose brutally matchmaming continue to get this random level assortment of enemies ranging from There are 10 games before you get elsword arena matchmaking a rank so I figured once Arrna got my rank which was the lowest, EI'll probably get matched with other bad low level players too. First match after my rank and it's a fucking level 38 rank C. Now if I were to be stomping higher levels like a smurf on league, getting matched with higher level players would be an inevitability.

But I'm not, I'm losing most of all my matches yet constantly being pair with opponents well out of my level range and ranks ahead of me, I've yet to see another rank E player. If you really matchmakiing to see the worst example of matchmaking possible I think you'll find no better example than Elsword. Must be level 15 or higher to post mqtchmaking comment. Create a Discussion jQuery '. Switch To Full Site Switch To Mobile Site.

Please reference the [General Discussion Rules] https: HOLY SHIT WHERE ARE WE? Offensive Spam Harassment Incorrect Board. You are leaving LeagueofLegends. About League Of Legends Prepaid Cards Help Us Improve Service Status Support Esports Pro Site Riot Games YouTube.

elsword arena matchmaking

Elsword arena matchmaking. Updating site content type failed infopath. It looks like pvp matchmaking is solely based off your pvp rank. Which doesnt make sense at all, i often get matched against people that have. Say you're Item level, you'd only get matched with people in your rank with an item level range similar or close to what you are. PvP is just getting worst. I gotta say I always felt League's matchmaking was a bit on the poor side, but I played Elsword and I . The arena gear based, not skill based.

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