17 year old dating 28

17 year old dating 28

What is wrong with this picture!!! Sickest thing I've heard on yearr site Judged: My cating is let her fall on her face. On the other hand, she can really teach him life and make a real man out of the boy. I am 28 years old and was dating a 17 year old female. Predators are out there, ready to do them great harm!!! So I honeslty think I have a shot 17 year old dating 28 getting with this girl. Ask a legal question to our community of lawyers, judges and members Read useful answers to frequent legal questions in The Law Guide Read or contribute to the latest legal news in The Law Journal Find a lawyer near you in the Lawyer Directory If you need to hire an attorney, get a case 17 year old dating 28 from a lawyer! Registered in England But I can't really place judgment on her relationship with an older man.

17 year old dating 28

November 1st, by Nina Atwood. He will be 18 in 5 months. And amazingly this has been the best relationship I have ever been in. But the town we live in is small and the gossip has gotten so bad about us. People are talking about it like it is terrible. But the fact is that we really love and care for each other. We get each other; we make each other laugh, we have similar interests, and we are so happy together. I want to know what you think about this.

How should I handle parents? How do I stand up for me and my man? The biggest cure for your issue is going to be time. And they are right — like any new relationship, this one could be a mistake. I think you have a bigger issue, and that is the issue of maturity. Most guys at that age have no clue about themselves or how they want to live life, and their relationships reflect that.

You have a huge hurdle ahead of you and that is education. Is he going to college? If not, what kind of living can he make? If he is the one, are you willing to put off marriage until he completes his education? Can you handle the reality that he will meet tons of cute girls close to his age while attending college? Once you get past the enchantment stage of the relationship, which you are definitely in, there are many real-world practical questions to answer as you move forward.

Mature couples address these questions through open, honest communication over time not just one conversation. Mature couples put off sex until they address the bigger issues and feel secure in their bond and common life path. I thought I was the only one in the world going through this! I, too, am 28, dating a 17 year old. We communicate, are honest, connect on intellectual and emotional levels. It makes ALL of our friends and family uncomfortable, which breaks our hearts.

And yes, I think about him meeting cute girls his own age, but I have never experienced such compatibility! I finally know how I am supposed to be treated. I am shocked to see that there are other women going through the same thing as me. I am 28 and my boyfriend just recently turned We have been dating for almost a year. He is alot younger than me but as far as wisdom, he has good advice to give me alot of the time.

He has two kids, and dealing with his immature underage ex is a handfull in itself. I know they are closer 17 year old dating 28 age but I really cant understand how he was dating someone so immature and just down right ignorant! I too struggle with the thoughts that he will be 21 and just getting out into the party scene, or when I turn 40 he will still be 29! Thats a hard one to swallow.

I can honestly say that I have never felt this way about anyone in my life. As mtn dating site as the parents go, his mother and father love me. My family is unaware of the relationship at this time. I just dont feel like being scrutinized and hearing all of their negative feedback. But from what I can tell the one thing that stands out the most is that we all feel we have never been treated and loved as much as this 17 year old does.

That is exactly how I feel. I feel this is the most loving, most honest, caring, mature relationship I have ever been in. He too has made me realise I shouldn;t 17 year old dating 28 for the way others treat me but the way I DESERVE to be treated. He is everything I always dreamed in a man, and everything i 17 year old dating 28 thought I would never find. We met 17 year old dating 28 Colombia a month ago.

There are 2 problems to our relationship. I recently flew to florida to be with him for a long weekend. His step mm 17 year old dating 28 out and she even considered sending the cops, she called my moms cousin and told her about what was happening. Now my mom found out I am seeing him and she is not even talking to me. I know it is hard to understand this kind of relationships, but I believe you cant judge unless you are in our shoes.

No one has ever made me this happy. And he has already begged me not to leave him just because his step mom is making our lives a misery. I would be irresonsible if I did not point out the folllowing: Love does not trump the law. Depending on your age, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is 17 years of age or younger, you could be committing statutory rape. This is a serious offense, punishable by law and including prison time.

Statutory rape laws are based on the premise that anyone under the age of 18 is not yet mature enough to make an adult decision about sex. The laws were created to protect minors, and when you are a parent, this becomes very important to you. The laws vary from state to state, so do your own research to determine whether or not you are at risk for prosecution. I totally understand and agree. That is why we have decided not to have sex until the time is right. He is turning 18 next month, but even then we will probably take it slowly.

This relationship is more than just sex. This is about the way we both make eachother feel. He is the most respectful, loving person I have ever met. My problem is dealing with my family and his, regarding us 17 year old dating 28 together. I know this is still quite early on in the relationship, but I dont want to have to hide our feelings forever.

Its so hard to accept that something so perfect could actually be so wrong for so many people. But the possibility is always there and I wondered if it would be best to take things as slowly as possible. Good luck and be careful with your heart and your life. Reading all these comments brought tears to my eyes. I am 23 and dating a 17 year old. I dont care so much of his age now but i met him when I was 22 and he was 16 so i had to keep it under wraps for a long time.

My parents adore him and i dont see a problem anymore as 17 is the legal age etc where i am. We have been together 7 months and I am the happiest and luckies girl alive. To all those older women out there worried of age. If you are happy thats all that matters and if you keep it low key until you feel its right then go for it.

You only live once and as far as I am concerned age doesnt matter. If its ok for a 17 year old girl to go out with a 23 year old man then its ok the other way around as far as i can see.

17 year old dating 28

A friend of mine, who will be 18 at the beginning of November (the 7th) will turn 18, but she is dating a 28 year old Now I'm only 19 but I think. I am 28 years old and was dating a 17 year old female. The police were made aware of this and did an investigation. They had pulled the girl. A friend of mine, who will be 18 at the beginning of November (the 7th) will turn 18, but she is dating a 28 year old Now I'm only 19 but I think. What kind of woman wants an immature 17 year old boyfriend when she's nearly 30? No offense, I'm sure you're very smart, but once you.

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