Dating vintage schwinn bikes

dating vintage schwinn bikes

Something is seriously wrong w the sdhwinn number http: Hit ebay with it, you will find the value in days The value being what someone will pay for it. G - G G - G G - G G - G Z - Z Z - Z Z - Z H - H - S G - G CT. You will find someone interested in a heartbeat or two. The DX frames were part of the Schwinn line by The color is "Kool Lemon" btw. Does it have smooth rings, or are they rough looking? This seems to have been a system started by Emil Wastyn. Le Tour and Super Le Tour models sometimes began with an 'S' followed by the Japan Made numbering system: It was a sequence consisting of a letter followed by two digits, starting with A10, followed by A11 and so on until A The serial numbers will have datijg letter in the second position representing the dating vintage schwinn bikes it was produced, and a number in the third position daring the year. L - Dating vintage schwinn bikes M - M N - N Bikds - P

dating vintage schwinn bikes

Friend of mine swears his bike was given him in Find More Posts by eddiebrannan. Your friend's memory is slipping. Also check out Bob Hufford's site, http: The Schwinn Forum http: Find More Posts by pastorbobnlnh. So, Would be Jan 12 of 73, or 83, etc The decade is left up to the reader, but equipment and paint colors etc dating vintage schwinn bikes are a dead giveaway.

Bikedued View Public Profile Find More Posts by Bikedued. The headbadge is on the front of the bike where it says Schwinn. There should be, stamped on that dating vintage schwinn bikes of metal, a four digit code. So if it was made on the th day of the year December 31st ofthe code would read If it was the th day ofthe code would read Attached Images Dating vintage schwinn bikes Badge.

BobHufford View Public Profile Visit BobHufford's homepage! Find More Posts by BobHufford. I cringe whenever I see one, lol. No rhyme or reason it seems. Last edited by eddiebrannan; at You will find someone interested in a heartbeat or two. Hit ebay with it, you will find the value in days The value being what someone will pay for it. LOL Thanks ooooh my sore hands this bike fir its size is SOOOO heavy!!!

That's not what I wanted It's a nice bike if was a young man I;d have all sorts of fun with it. I'm almost certain you have brought home a Made the th day that year, so in late September which also equals "J" as the first letter in your serial number. Your second letter should be "P. In fact, were Stingrays even made in ?

I'm not up on the muscle Schwinnns, but I'll bet it is a As far as your serial number, look at it again. I've seen miss-stamped numbers that made no sense. The other option is to pull the cranks out which should be cleaned anyway. There is a date in the middle of the shaft running through the BB shell. LOL It just got some areas of deep rust. That's the numbers couldn't be anything else Thanks for the info. Well, call me crazy, but the only Stingrays I've seen with three letters at the front of the serial number, were the late nineties copies.

I had one of the coaster brake Apple Krates, and it had three letters, with the first letter set off a tiny bit, just like that one. See if the back rim has any knurling on it, and what brand is the rear hub? Also, where the chain stays are joined to the bottom bracket pedal bearing area. Does it have smooth rings, or are they rough looking? The color is "Kool Lemon" btw. The Schwinn site seems to have an idea the JAK is a 98 to code. If dating vintage schwinn bikes got that distressed in 10 ears its not worth my time if its 10 years old I'll see if dating vintage schwinn bikes will trade me for a GT Vertigo that I looked.

I don't know what this guy is doing How can I tell. Something is seriously wrong w the serial number http: I rather not tell him about the possible JAK. Originally Posted by Bikedued. I would pull the crank as was said and look dating vintage schwinn bikes a date and what type the rear hub is,I don't think the junk chrome they used on the newer bikes would servive 10 years of NY winters,if it is a repro there should be a made in china sticker on it somewhere I have a new one in the box but it is put away or I would look for you.

I would love to have some of the vintage stingrays and Krates I had as a kid growing up in the 70's but I would settle for a repro after I got my new one I couldn't bring myself to open it but if I had a used one like that I would make it into what ever model Stingray of Krate I wanted and not worry about the value or having to keep it all original. I built it is a work in progress a 70's Columbia into a fun bike,I swapped out the broken 3 speed wheel and installed a 5 speed wheel put a repro slick on it and a original Shimano 5 speed click-shift dating vintage schwinn bikes it it's not hooked up yetput a 36" sissy bar and a aftermarket springer front fork.

Right now it has black rims but I have a set of silver ones and a new front tire to put on it after it is painted,I am still trying to find a banana seat that is bigger and wider then the old one I am using without paying a ton of cash for I had one but it was all duck tape. I have had so much fun riding this around town and it is pretty comfy even for a guy that is 6' and lbs. My nephew put about 10 miles on it during a family christian arab dating websites a few weeks ago.

dating vintage schwinn bikes

The headbadge is on the front of the bike where it says Schwinn. There should be . Welcome to the fun of dating vintage Schwinns! You have. Vintage Schwinn bikes. Detailed information and images about each Schwinn bike model. Dating from the head badge day, month, and year. If you have a Schwinn from this era, please, PLEASE send us pictures of your bike and serial number. Bulletin Number SCHWINN BICYCLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS*. Product The easiest way to tell that a bicycle frame is of Schwinn origin is . DETERMINING SCHWINN BICYCLE VINTAGE PRIOR TO Serial number dating.

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